Monday, June 8, 2009

Our home

Finally we will get to have a place of our own.... Hooray!!!

Being a lazy pig and crowd lover, i still like to stay with my in-laws but the thought of having our own little space, leaving aside the household chores and monthly expenses, makes me excited....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Corp Challenge 2009

Here's the annual corp challenge again....
Didnt manage to run last year as I was carrying a ball..... this year i can finally participate in the run. Bot this pair of super cute socks for colleagues from taiwan and i made all of them wear this for the run.

My lucky number but didnt strike 4D over the weekend..... Luckily i never buy hehe

We walked all the way to the starting line as the bus which was supposed to ferry us there was full. We sweat before we reach the starting line.... Saw singa the lion along the way and took some cute pics which makes us look like childish students.

Initially I planned to run and walk through the 5.6 km but got tempted by taya to take shortcut when she called me just as I was around the finishing point so in the end i only run abt 1km and walk 1km, reach the finishing line in my fastest timing 25 mins. =)

The food in the hospitality tent was not fantastic but the drinks was not too bad, there is Brewerks beer and wine. I took one out of the tent to offer to Di who was also there for the run sponsored by her company, it makes her colleagues so envy of her. hehe.....
I will try to train and go for the complete 5.6 km run next year.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What a fall??

I simply cannot believe that i still will fall down stupidly at this age??? Went to Jan's place and fell while climbing down the stairs as i was smsing hehe

Although it is my oversight, I will still want to complain.... why did HDB build another two more steps after the flight of staircase?????

BE and MIL were stunned at the moment they saw me fall. The first thing that came to my mind was... is there anyone else who saw that? It was so embarrassing.

Monday, March 16, 2009

MCQ at the arcade

Hei is going to Japan to work so we arranged for a meet up before i leave for taiwan for holiday and she leaves for Japan. Di took leave as well but she meets us later as she is the oink oink in the group.

We are still early for dinner so decided to check out the arcade... We feel a little out of place but still enjoy the whole process... miss those young days but we are not super old now either hehe.... We played House of dead, basketball, mario daytona...

I chose Yoshi, Di chose ??? funny cat??? and Hei chose luigi. We played twice and the results is still the same but the one who won the first prize has no driving license...

It was really fun and i bet i will miss the times spent as MCQ together. =/

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tampop0 again!!!

Once i fancy the place, i will tend to go there super often..... went to tampop0 recently for JC meeting with mich and daffi.

Mich and daff shared ramen, tonkotsu and some sides while i have the 'selfish' sushi set for $43.

There is this conveyor belt in the restaurant which i think is interesting but super silly. It is not like the usual sushi shop where there are diff selection food on it for consumers to pick, it is for sushi platter to be delivered to your desk by the conveyor belt instead.

I saw my platter and was super excited but it somehow got stuck and then miss the exit and my platter went one round again... Feels a little sian as it will lose 10 mins worth of freshness but when the food arrives near my table again, it got me excited as it has all my favourites...

There is tamago, uni, roe, unagi, otoro, chutoro, scallops and others which i dont know what they are. I LOVE the uni and tuna!!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Home-cooked grilled fish set

I love to cook but BE always dont want me to cook as he thinks it is too troublesome to buy, prepare, cook and most imptly wash the dishes after cooking...

One fine day, we wanted to go to the supermarket to buy some veggies to cook porridge for the little one so we decided to buy food and cook our own dinner.

Grilled fish set
For the baked potato - potato, butter, sour cream, bacon bits
For the veges - broccoli, carrot, salt, oil
For the side dish - bacon, asparagus
For the fish - fish, italian seasoning, lemon juice, pepper, salt

For the baked potato - poke the potato with fork so that it can be cooked faster, wrap it with aluminium foil before baking in oven. Once done, cut a cross, add butter, sour cream and bacon bits.

For the veges - blanch broccoli and carrot in hot water with salt and oil

For the side dish - blanch the asparagus and roll it with bacon. Bake it till cook.

For the fish - marinate the fish by adding salt, lemon juice, italian seasoning and pepper. Wrap it with aluminium foil and bake it.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Wanted to go out for a meal but hate crowd so decided to head to Liang Court as i loved shopping at the jap supermarket even though the stuffs there are expensive. Decided to check out the jap restaurant which Hei once mentioned to me...

We had Black pig shabu shabu ramen, Black pig tonkotsu ramen... the pork is super tender....

And also the highlight for the day........... Otoro sashimi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wanted to try that after watching a HK serial which focus on japanese cuisine.
It costs $55 for 5 pcs of otoro and $45 for chutoro...
Whats the difference?

Otoro is the premium part of tuna belly that usually does not get a price on any sushi house menu. Otoro is they best part of the tuna. Because otoro is from the belly of the tuna it is fatty. Otoro is light pink in color, sometimes almost white, and creamy looking. Otoro will leave behind a swirl of oil on the surface, and when it hits your pallet, it will melt. The fattiest portion of the tuna, found on the underside of the fish.

chutoro is the belly area of the tuna along the side of the fish between the Akami and the Otoro. Often preferred because it is fatty but not as fatty as Otoro.
Yummy! It tastes like meat instead of fish but i am glad i tried that but dont think i will eat it again unless i am in Japan. =)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Home-cooked Valentine's Day Meal

BE likes Abalone rice so i decided to cook Heart-shaped Abalone Rice for our V-day.

Ingredients required: Abalone, broccoli, carrots, parsley, pepper, corn starch, salt, oil, rice

Cut Abalone into heart shape

Cut carrots into heart shape and blanch the carrot and broccoli with hot water, a little salt and oil

Place the rice,broccoli, carrot and abalone into a claypot. Heat up the abalone gravy together with cornstarch mixed with water to the desired mixture. Pour the gravy over and add some pepper to taste.....

Here's the yummy Thai village lookalike heart shaped abalone rice.... Yummy!!!!!!!!1

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lion in the office

It is an annual routine during CNY to see lion dance in the office to bring luck to the company and i will always buy the lucky number which is display at the lobby but always never strike 4D. =)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Eyelash extension........

Tried to put on fake eyelashes previously for a dinner but it doesnt turn out to be nice due to lack of skill and practice so decided to go for eyelash extension at Mi11y's at Far East Plaza to save the trouble...

Here's the results.....

Given that i still cannot wear contact lense that often, this eyelash extension is giving me a little of a problem when i wear my spectacles my lashes is now longer than the width between my specs and my eye so i have to tilt my specs abit and this makes me look as if i got long sightedness.... Haha

On the first night, i got awoken by the fake eyelashes as it kind of pokes my eyes till i tear a little. I feel as if i never wash away my make up when i sleep.

Final verdict - i will not do it again unless necessary as it is creating more uncomfort to me but will have to endureat least after CNY since i paid $75 for this pair of eyelashes.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I am Back.......

I realised that i have not been updating my bloggy for slightly more than a month.... Now i am a full time babysitter for a week - itinery for the day will be wake up, bathe bb, eat breakfast watch tv, wash bottles and clothes, eat lunch watch tv, play with bb, surf net while bb nap, eat dinner and watch tv, family bonding time then play psp before i sleep..... the next day starts again =) Well i dont mind this kind of life but it lacks alot of communication coz no one at home to talk to me and it is difficult for me to go out also... anyway seeing him smile makes my day so no more grumbling.

My eyes have been getting better -- i hope, feeling a little lazy to visit the doc again but will go for daily contact lenses now even though it is more expensive. Will go for lasix after 30 as recommended by J's family eye doc friend. Have been reading abt this Dr Lee from Gleneag1es ever since it is recommended by colleagues - rather renowned and my lao ban going to check it out in Jan so shall see her reviews.

Going for my eyelash extension, massage and shopping with MCQ at Orchard this thurs so as to give myself a break before leave ends.... Have been watching nu ren wo zui da till i tempted to give my eyelash a new look.

Next leave will be in March-- going Taiwan for a short trip with BE and bro.... thanks Ting for her super comprehensive itinery. But before that, feel super sian coz i need to work on CNY Chu er when it is my first CNY with new addition.

Thats all for now!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Frosted Glass Eyes

Have been wearing spectacles all these while as my eyes got infected - super teary when there is sunlight, sticky and red especially at night, blurry.... Didnt know the seriousness till i went to visit an eye specialist at SNEC. The lady doc is very young and pretty but super irritating as she sounds as if she is reprimanding me throughout the consulation and makes me pissed off but i have to accept the fact that it is for my own good and i really didnt take care of my eyes properly.

Doc: "what kind of contact lense you wear?"
Me: "Monthly"
Doc: "Can you imagine wearing a dirty panty for a month???"

She used a sophiscated machine to check on my cornea as said that it now looks like a frosted glass... so i can no longer wear contact lense till she says so. haizzz she gave me 3 days MC unexpectedly as she wants me to be on hourly eye drip and a sticky eye gel which will make my eyesight blur.

Eyes are super important! i will take good care of it now =/

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I just straighten and cut my fringe and feel that i look like the one in the pic..... not really comfortable with this new look as it looks really flat and a little weird but have to bear with it since I paid for it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

7yrs2mths anniversary

Took time off to spend the day together, this 14th we had dinner at Blue L0bster along Franke1 ave, it doesnt look nice from the outside but its interior deco is definitely much better. There are small little cubicles for ppl to have their private corner. We are the only customer throughout the dinner, it is so quiet till BE saw Ratatouille =)

I ordered New Zealand oysters... it was not too bad... Come to think of it, the irritants or MCQ suggested to go NZ in 2 yrs time to visit Ah Gu then we can eat tonnes of oysters there but just wonder if we will ever go??

I had today's special as my main course, it is lobster thermidor as recommended by the waiter. Not really sure whats thermidor and if the method of cooking is really nice but decided to go for it instead of having it steamed or fried or grilled. Then when my food arrived and after consuming, i think it is a wise choice - cooking lobster meat with a cream sauce, put into a lobster shell, sprinkled with cheese, and browned. I love it! It costs only $39.95 on a Tuesday but $59 on other days so i feel that it is rather worthwhile. I might want to go back again on Wed to try their today's special Foie Gras at $14.95.

BE as usual is not very adventurous as he is not a fan of seafood but dont mind fish and chips so he had his not as yummy main course.

They use papers as their table mat and provided crayons so we drew on it to commemorate this special day.

Then played tic-tac-toe and BE introduced me to 3D tic-tac-toe which requires more analytical thinking.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gymnast of the Year

Went to my auntie place one day and discovered the little talent in my niece who is 9 mths old... She is super flexible and did that all by herself while drinking milk.. super cute!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Guess what i have for breakfast today???

Yucks whats this ugly looking thingy??? my breakfast???


*** Da Tang***
It is foie gras with lettuce and toasted bread.

Looks good isnt it?? All thanks to bro who bot this piece of ugly looking thingy yesterday and make this for my breakfast today. It is really good to have a gourmet chef at home.. yum yum =)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Reunion of MCQ and Birthday plus Farewell Dinner for Moo Moo

Hei is finally back from Japan and this is the first time the three of us meet up and celebrate the reunion of MCQ.

Met them at Orchard and have lunch as Aj1sen then do some shopping at taka and wisma before heading to Far East Plaza for some more shopping... As we walk, Ah Di finds that the poster along Orchard MRT looks nice so I got the two of them to take a pic as if they are tourist... As much as Hei finds it ackward doing so, she decided to play along? hehe

After shopping for about 4 hours, we were all tired and went to Cane1e for high tea....

As i know before hand that we are going there for dessert, i went to check out Junie's blog to see whats yummy there and i had Salty Caramel and Hazelnut macarons and nougatine crepe.... Ah Di had strawberry tart and Hei had 66% chocolate ice cream.

Out of all, I prefer the Salty caramel macaron but still find it a little expensive for its size and i miss those that i had in Switzerland. As for the nougatine crepe, it is not too bad but a little too sweet for my liking. Ah Di likes the tart as the strawberry is v fresh and both Di and Hei likes the ice cream as they are fans of chocolate (not too sweet but rich in taste).

After that, we head down to Vivo for Ah Gu's birthday celebration plus farewell dinner at Seren1ty restaurant as he is going back to NZ to further his studies. Here's what we got for him... a customised party hat to go with the dinner.
We got a bucket of rose beer created with raspberry and wheat beer, i took a small sip and find that it tastes not too bad with rose after taste.

We ordered quite a bit of stuffs - mushroom soup, hoi sin tapas, prawn salad, calamari, etc... Out of all, i like their cod fish which is their hot fav as recommended by Di. The birthday boy gets a birthday song sang by the solo singer who is performing at the restaurant, a complimentary cocktail and a present which i think it is so nice of them......
During the dinner, we discover a secret!!!!! after i being the kaypo asking around. Mr Anything had proposed!!!!! Hooray!!!! MCQ bomb him with alot of questions after our discovery... Feel so happy for him Congrats!

Next, we head to A1tivo as recommended by El but it is closed for renovations so we pop by The Jewel box for a drink before heading home.... Like the place as it has a nice Singap0re night view but it is a little warm to be super romantic.

Didnt manage to take a nice view of the scenery as we are not sitted by the side....... Anyway we had a fun time catching up... Next meetup will be during ZY's wedding bah....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Toast to more happy anni years......

Have been granted my shopping wish on anni day so went shopping for almost 6 hours before stopping by Cane1e for dinner plus dessert....

Was attracted to this place by their colourful window decorations plus i simply love macarons nowadays but the price is a little exp for its size.... We had ham & cheese baked rice and smoked salmon crepe. I will say that the food is not too bad and they are rather generous in the ingredients with the serving just nice to fill our stomach.

We had jupiter as our dessert... yummy simply love chocolate man... it has caramel and nougatine in it.

We ended our day to another place which brings alittle sadness.... hope she is happy up there....